On The Other Hand #4: Unlike YouTube at least Spotify Doesn’t Broadcast ISIS Terror Videos

Really good question, who the hell monitors them. Sick from thinking about this, and thinking of closing up my small channel of Indie music channel stuff, and moving somewhere else.
Thanks for opening our eyes

The Trichordist

While artists focus on the paltry payouts from Spotify,  we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that YouTube ALSO aids terror groups in spreading terror by hosting ISIS beheading videos.  Why the fuck do artists do business with this company?  Why the fuck do parents let their children use YouTube?  Why would any advertiser in their right mind do business with these people?

Hosting and spreading these videos doesn’t further free speech. It aids and abets terrorists by spreading the terror.  Also known as “material support”.

As the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu correctly pointed out in his speech to Congress:

 “ISIS is armed with butcher knives, captured weapons and YouTube…”

YouTube admitted taking down 180 million videos last year.  Why do they leave these beheading videos up?

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.03.46 PM

And in case you didn’t quite get the point from beheadings:

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Where the Spirit Meets the Bone: A Memoir by Lucinda Williams


Lucinda Williams, with Benjamin Hedin  | Radio Silence | March 2014 | 11 minutes (2,690 words)

Radio SilenceFor this week’s Longreads Member Pick, we are thrilled to share a first-time-ever memoir by the great Lucinda Williams from Radio Silence, a San Francisco-based magazine of literature and rock & roll. Subscribe, and download the free iOS app.

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Set List, from WMFO, Medford MA Oct.19th, 2013

Wide Open Propergander Wide Open 14:45:00
LIVE Propergander LIVE 14:51:00
Riverwalk Propergander Wide Open 14:57:00
LIVE Propergander LIVE 15:10:00
Alone Together Propergander Wide Open 15:16:00
LIVE Propergander LIVE 15:19:00
Some Forgiveness Propergander Wide Open 15:31:00
LIVE Propergander LIVE 15:37:00
Whittled Down Johnny Hickman Tilting 15:43:00
Lonesome Johnny Blues Cracker Kerosene Hat